Dick Wit in Town

Oh, yes he is!

Oh, no he isn’t!

Hunched over his chilly workbench, The Mischievous Silversmith appears particularly elf-like at this time of year.  But he’s probably more Satan than Santa, as his handworked solid silver designs are more “bloody hell!” than “jingle bells!”.  

The ‘Swearables’ range now has 9 designs which are definitely profane, along with two which are not in the slightest bit rude, but bold statements nonetheless!  

The newest designs are ‘Ricardo’ and ‘Doris’, we welcome them to the Swearables family, and they’ll be on the website in time for Christmas!

A sneak peak into the future … Rob has also begun an entirely new range which will grow exponentially until February … for one very simple reason … Valentine’s Day!   As you’d expect with The Mischievous Silversmith’s work, he’s coming at the jeweller’s belovéd heart motif sideways, with a raw and stylised edge … get ready for the ‘Dark Hearts’ collection! 

We’ll try and bring you some of Rob’s other popular designs in his ‘Dusk’ and ‘Kelp’ ranges – they are currently only available at the Front Jewellery gallery at 1 Horsebridge Road in Whitstable, Kent … although you’ll also find a selection at Concept, Old High Street, Folkestone too.

A gift from Front Jewellery … better than a kick in the baubles!

See you soon …

Front Jewellery

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