Rob Morris is the Mischievous Silversmith

Welcome to the home of different and original handmade jewellery! Rob Morris is a real hands-on craftsman. That's why his talented hands touch every single gold or silver design that he creates. Rob finds inspiration from many sources, so you'll find a huge variety of styles on this site and in his gallery.

His Story

At school in London’s East End, all Rob Morris wanted to do was hit metal...

Fast forward a few dozen years, and here he is designing and making his own totally original jewellery. Funky Whitstable in Kent is now home to his workshop and gallery.

Spreading the Love

Individual silversmiths struggle to find High Street outlets. Usually, they're dominated by mass-produced stack-em-high, sell-em-cheap jewellery. This is why Rob set up his gallery. He's keen not only to show and sell his own work but to help other designer/makers have an outlet. So you can see their work at the gallery in Whitstable if you have the happy chance to visit. There's always around 10-12 other designers' work on show.

We're at 1 Horsebridge Road, Whitstable, Kent, CT5 1AF - it's a real feast for jewellery fans!

This website also features really different designs in silver, gold and rose gold from gifted designer Harriet Ferris.


As we said, every single item displayed at Front Jewellery passes through Rob's talented hands. Therefore his passion for quality craftsmanship means everything is hand-finished to the highest possible standard. Also, every one of his designs is unique to Front Jewellery. As you can imagine, nothing here is mass-produced!

Treat yourself to a little piece of art, handcrafted by a truly original silversmith: Rob Morris.

Rob Morris Front Jewellery Designer Whitstable