Dick Wit in Town

Sweary Pendant Necklace

Oh, yes he is!Oh, no he isn’t!Hunched over his chilly workbench, The Mischievous Silversmith appears particularly elf-like at this time of year.  But he’s probably more Satan than Santa, as his handworked solid silver designs are more “bloody hell!” than “jingle bells!”.  The ‘Swearables’ range now has 9 designs which are definitely profane, along with […]

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Being a silversmith involves sharp tools
and hammers, and working with small fiddly bits of silver.
This means Rob hurts himself quite often.
So he swears.
A lot.
He tends to find himself in the company of
others who use a staggering amount of outdoor language too … and they all love
it. They think swearing is not only big
and clever […]

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