Being a silversmith involves sharp tools
and hammers, and working with small fiddly bits of silver.

This means Rob hurts himself quite often.

So he swears.

A lot.

He tends to find himself in the company of
others who use a staggering amount of outdoor language too … and they all love
it. They think swearing is not only big
and clever (and incredibly satisfying of course) but highly creative too – it
evolves fast, with new words added all the time, or old versions lengthened, or
nouns finding themselves as verbs with the simple addition of ‘ed’ at the
end. He realised swearing is a happy
pastime for a huge number of us, and the chance to immortalise some of our
favourite words in cryptic silver designs was too good to resist … he wanted
you to be able to swear EVEN MORE! But
with a twist, because you can wear most of his pieces and your puritanical
Uncle or Aunt will simply notice an attractive pendant (unless they’re secretly
foul-mouthed old reprobates wearing one themselves under their tweeds). He called the range ‘Front Jewellery’,
because you have to have some front to wear it.

The response has been fantastic and his day
is filled with smirking as he plans more mischievous designs alongside his
other non-sweary ranges; and there’s nothing he likes better than introducing
visitors to his new range … and watching them crack up as they get the
gag. Well, most of them do …

Thank you for visiting his website,
launching online is a new adventure for him, he’s excited (and a little scared)
to widen his audience and hopefully the wearers for all his designs – he really
hopes you can find the time to send a selfie of you wearing any of them! Instagram #swearyjewellery

Right … back to the workshop, there are
thumbs to be hit …

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