Solid Silver Flow Bangle by Rob Morris


We truly believe Rob Morris has created the ultimate solid silver bangle! Curvaceous and lustrous, it’s beautifully weighted for the wearer’s comfort (around 26 grams, although this will vary according to size).

This is the most pared back in the Flow range, based on the water aspect of the original inspiration, which was bubbles rising through water. Rob Morris created this range to reflect the flow of air. It grew from the events of 2020, where bubbles became significant, firstly as people forming close-knit groups, and secondly because Rob lives in The Bubble, the colloquial name for Whitstable, where he lives, works and has spent lockdown.

Entirely handmade, so these can be made to fit the wearer perfectly. Please measure the diameter of a bangle you already have which is a good fit, then choose between small (63mm) medium (65mm) and large (67mm)… However, as this is made from scratch each time, it is possible to create bespoke sizes – so measure a favourite bangle’s diameter, and let us know the exact size you’d like!

All dimensions are approximate
Weight: 26 grams.