This range reflects the hope for flowing freely with life despite its trials, and echoes the connections strengthened in difficult times, representing the best of human interaction. Rob Morris used lockdown to create Flow. 2020 was quite a year, and Rob took inspiration from the strange and sometimes difficult experiences it handed us. Whitstable, where he lives and works, is a tight-knit and very supportive community and the town is colloquially known as ‘The Bubble’, and of course, we all linked up with others to form bubbles too. So bubbles were the inspirational emblem for this range… featuring Rob’s signature motif of sinuous silver, which he then set with silver balls, emulating bubbles. Many pieces also include that most aquatic of stones, topaz, and Rob only uses the superior Swiss topaz, known for its exceptionally bright turquoise hue. Unusually for Rob, the early pieces in this range feature cabochon stones, as with their smooth rounded surface they extend the watery theme… but he intends to use faceted stones too, which will twinkle more, but be slightly less liquid-like.

The Flow of the range’s name is denoted by the serpentine silver running through most of the pieces, a curving wave which Rob then borders with bubbles and topaz, mimicking air rising from the depths.

The Flow jewellery range has a bangle, drop earrings, two pendants and tiny stud earrings and a ring, which can be worn alone or stacked. The simplest piece is the Flow bangle, which features no bubbles at all! It is very elegant and comfortable to wear and sits beautifully on the wrist, and it’s completely hand-forged. Hand-forging is one of the most labour-intensive skills of a silversmith, beating raw metal into shape and then filing, sandpapering and polishing, a time and energy-consuming process!