Kelp Drop Earrings by Rob Morris


These stunning solid silver drop earrings have a satin finish on the textured surface, the edges are then painfully hand-burnished to a high lustre and bathed in a jeweller’s tears.

Walking along the beach to work, The Mischievous Silversmith picked up a piece of desiccated seaweed and was inspired to create this homage to Neptune, Roman god of the sea – by coincidence, he found the dried kelp near Whitstable’s renowned Old Neptune (‘The Neppy’) public house.

(The weight listed is for one earring, and the height is from the piercing to the end of the kelp charm. The actual charm is 1.5 cm wide and 1.5 cm high.)

All dimensions are approximate
Height: 27mm
Weight: 2.2 grams.