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Rob Morris Jewellery

Iced Earrings (Stud)


Each earring is a dazzling shatter of frozen silver with a glittering stone at its centre, handmade by Rob Morris. This original new design will be in a very limited supply for Christmas. This is because they’ll be sizzling hot straight from the bench to you! Rob is working flat out to get the Iced range ready – there are also pendant earrings. (The smallest studs won’t have a stone at their centre.)

These earrings can have either a topaz (shown) or an aquamarine (paler blue) or a zircon (white). Each earring weighs 2.5 grams. It measures (from the top of the link) 2.5 cm, and is 2 cm across.

These will be posted out on a first-come, first-served basis from Monday, December 17th. Remember, nothing is mass-produced at Front Jewellery, so you’ll have to bear with the fevered hands of the hardworking silversmith!

All dimensions are approximate