Leading up to Christmas Rob Morris decided to create a range of winter inspired jewellery. He began looking at snowflakes and started drawing their constituent parts, but ultimately opted snowflakes for their cousins – ice shards. He developed a geometric take, based on a hexagon… the end result is a stylish and angular design with a star-like shape and a red, clear or blue stone at the heart. You can choose the size of the pendant, according to how bold a look you want!


To really make the pieces with a garnet at their centre sing out, Rob has oxidised the low spots. This is done by painting oxidising fluid, which artificially ages the silver’s surface. The fluid most commonly employed used to be liver of sulphur, but the smell in the workshop made Rob fearful customers might think he had ‘stepped on a duck’, so he switched to a Swedish product, Platinol, and thankfully the finish is superior, and the colour is richer.


As with all his pieces, the wearer’s comfort is one of the most significant issues, and perhaps this is most important with the earrings. Rob carefully weighs his pieces at the design stage, so they can be worn comfortably all day without dragging. You can choose either a stud style, worn right on the earlobe, or dangling from a long wire in a drop style… this lets them swing a little, allowing the faceted stones to catch the light as the wearer moves (or dances!). Iced is for those outings where you really want to strut your stuff dressed to the nines!


Funnily enough, this is Rob’s only collection which has no ring. He decided it would be too impractical with this design; he’s still pondering a solution. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook to see his latest winter inspired jewellery designs!