Stack Rings

Rob Morris seldom makes stuff that’s truly ‘blingy’… but sitting at his messy workshop bench surrounded by semi-precious stones, he took great delight in seeing how the stones mixed and matched, and was inspired by the simple ‘joy of the sparkly’! He began to work on a way to combine the stones, creating a fun range of rings, allowing the wearer to blend and even clash colours and shapes… the effect is sweetie-like, a glittering pick ‘n’ mix! (Plans for a pendant and possibly earrings are in the pipeline.)

The rings can be entirely silver or feature a gold mount with a choice of stones. People either go for birthstones or colour or even both… the wearers can pick and choose, they can then configure them in any way they choose. The birthstone may be the wearer’s or their significant other’s or family members’ – the rings can be a reminder of loved ones. The most we know of adorning a single wearer is four… they denote her parents, her partner and her… and she says when she and her partner fall out, she turns the stone to the back of her finger, or sometimes even takes it off entirely!

There are five colours to choose from: turquoise, red, yellow, green and purple, the colours of topaz, garnet, citrine, peridot and amethyst respectively. Rob occasionally uses other stones too, like iolite or tourmaline, and sometimes he’ll repurpose customers’ own stones which they’re keen to use in a more contemporary setting to revive their wearability.

There are three stone shapes, round, triangular or peardrop, and all sit snugly with each other, and the round ones can vary in size.

Stacking Rings can also be worn in combination with the Ador rings. The gold heart in particular sits well, adding another colour dimension.