Rob Morris loves experimenting with different textures and techniques. The Luna jewellery range is made by fusing silver filings and offcuts on to a silver disc, which is then hammered, the process is repeated until Rob is happy with the look of the surface. Rob decided the nature of the design was best suited to a leather choker because of its rigidity and colour (also feeling a chain would look too ‘busy’). Rob added a very defined curve into the disc so it plays with the light and contrasts with the more random and organic nature of the surface. The curve also allows the leather on which it’s worn to sit flat on the wearer – its positioning on the neck is important, and it’s best worn higher up than most pendants. The larger of the pendants is a strong statement piece. Rob files and polishes the edges of the disc for a subtle framing effect. He then also polishes the high spots of the pieces and leaves the lower textures matt to create a striking contrast.

The final effect reminded Rob of the moon’s surface – hence the name Luna… ideal as the design was created in the year of the 50thanniversary of the moon landings.

This is a range anyone can wear as Rob has created a variety of sizes, right down to small ear studs, still featuring the distinctive rocky lunar landscape look. The larger pieces are wonderfully chunky, but as ever, the wearer’s comfort is everything, so the ear studs are (suitably for a range called Luna) weightless!

Rob uses extremely high-quality leather and silver fittings, these have a very long life if they are treated well (he always counsels removing any leather jewellery before showering!).

Rob still has in mind a ring for this range, so watch this space…