This range of handmade textured silver jewellery includes pendants, rings and earrings which are an evolution of a concept started with another range, Astro, to make an even bolder design. They go deeper into the realms of texture, and Rob Morris used one of his favourite tools, the cross pein hammer to create a grain in the piece’s top surface… before adding stones at the centre of these silver circles, like topaz, peridot, garnet, amethyst or citrine. The finished piece reminded him of lava, so he chose the name Etna for this eruption of solid silver.


Each pendant is shaped like a flying saucer and comes in 3 sizes – so you can decide how bold you want to be! The largest pendant is quite a weighty chunk of silver and could be worn on a long chain down to midriff length… or you can wear it on a choker for an unmissable statement piece.


Rob decided the medium-sized Etna ‘flying saucer’ would make a great ring, so he soldered on a strong, comfortable shank, firmly attaching it to the disc – it’s a fabulous volcanic eye-catching cocktail ring available in any of the five stone colours of turquoise, green, red, purple or yellow.


To make the earrings an ideal wearable weight, Rob worked to hollow out the backs of the discs so they feel as light as a feather and can be worn comfortably all day without dragging. As with all his pieces, the wearer’s comfort is one of the most important issues. You can choose either a stud style, worn right on the earlobe, or dangling from a long wire in a drop style… this lets them swing a little, allowing the faceted stones to catch the light as the wearer moves (or dances!). Etna is a range of textured silver jewellery that is timeless, unfussy and elegant – suitable for almost any occasion.