Rob Morris wanted to create a design that is a bit more playful and blingy, without being too over-the-top, and the happy result is the Astro Jewellery Range. He edges colourful semi-precious cut stones with a prominently textured silver surround, created using one of his favourite tools, the cross pein hammer. Every hammer blow adds grain to the silver’s surface, and Rob matches the direction of the marks so they radiate outwards from the stone. This way the texture emphasises and highlights the brightness of the stone. The name of the range is inspired by the Big Bang as each piece is an explosion of colour and light represented in a little silver circular celestial body!

You can choose from 6 stone colours, and these are often picked by customers to match friends’ and families’ birthstones for a memorable gift. The most popular is topaz, and Rob selects superior Swiss topaz, known for its particularly deep turquoise hue, redolent of the seaside where he lives. He also uses garnet, a warm red stone with the fiery quality of a glowing ember. The honey tones of citrine make a lovely alternative to amber, especially as it, unlike amber, is hard enough to be faceted, so reflecting the light in a more eye-catching way. Peridot is a delicious light green, Iolite is a dark purplish-blue, and there’s the timeless amethyst – a light purple.

The range has a mid-century modern feel, with its sharp lines and strong shapes, and is ideal for people eager to try a bit of modern design without going for anything too way-out or brutalist! The Astro Jewellery Range has something for everyone and is one of Rob’s most popular. With necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings in so many colours, there really is something to suit everyone for any occasion!