Playful designs handmade in solid silver

Don't waste your breath.
Swear permanently with Front Jewellery.
Express your mischievous self in solid silver with a humorous range of wearable swearables.

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Rob Morris is the Mischievous Silversmith

Rob Morris' playfulness has finally come to the fore in his latest collection, bringing hidden profanities fun symbolism and a cryptic twist. Most people will be too busy admiring your pendant to realise how 'big and clever' it is.

Now you'll have an easy way to swear perpetually, in fact swearing has never been more permanent or satisfying!

Guard or disclose the hidden meaning, the choice is yours...

Rob has been crafting bold unique designs in his Whitstable Workshop since 2011.

Inspired by his surroundings, his other work incorporates sea-worn timbers, waves and seaweed.